WillNotice Integration with JuniorPartner

WillNotice integrates with JuniorPartner to automatically synchronise will details, including the will name, will date, client number and (where available) date of birth.

Setting up WillNotice for JuniorPartner integration

Before integrating JuniorPartner with WillNotice, please ensure you are on the latest version of JuniorPartner. You may need to check with JuniorPartner to confirm this.

To use integration with JuniorPartner, login to WillNotice and go to the Tools page. Select [JuniorPartner] as your Practice Management software, and click the [Integrate] button.


You will be provided with a link to download the JuniorPartner integration software, and a link to a file that contains the key that uniquely identifies your firm, and allows the JuniorPartner integration software to connect to WillNotice.

Download the installer for JuniorPartner integration, and install the software on the same computer in your office that stores the database for JuniorPartner, typically your network server. You should be logged into this computer with administrator privileges to install and configure the software.

During the install, make a record of where the software is installed to (typically [Program Files]\WillNotice\JuniorPartner\) as you will need this later.


This will add a new service, named WillNotice-JuniorPartner.

To access the JuniorPartner data, you will need to determine the connection details that JuniorPartner uses. Please contact the JuniorPartner team for this information, and to enable ODBC access to your datafile. You will need to download and install the Omnis ODBC driver. A link to the installer is here: 


You now need to go to the folder where WillNotice.JuniorPartner service installed to, as noted previously. Open the connection.config file and change the DataFilePath, Username and Password to match the values provided by JuniorPartner previously mentioned.


Save the changes to the connection.config file.

The last step is to copy the key file to the same location where WillNotice.JuniorPartner service is installed to.


With the key file now in place, and the service correctly installed and configured, you can Start the service through Services.

The service will run on a daily schedule – this can be modified if needed.

The first time the service runs it may take awhile for any wills to appear in WillNotice, since the entire list of wills needs to be updated. Future updates take less time, as they only update any changes.