WillNotice Integration with LegalOffice

WillNotice integrates with LegalOffice to automatically synchronise will details, including the will name, will date and client number.

(Note: Date of birth is currently not supported. A future update to LegalOffice will make this available.)


Setting up WillNotice for LegalOffice Integration


Setting up WillNotice for LegalOffice integration

Before integrating LegalOffice with WillNotice, please ensure you are on the latest version of LegalOffice. You may need to check with LegalOffice to confirm this.

To use integration with LegalOffice, login to WillNotice and go to the Tools page. Select [LegalOffice] as your Practice Management software, and click the [Integrate] button.

LegalOffice Integration

LegalOffice Integration

You will be provided with a link to download the LegalOffice integration software that you need to install on your network server, and a link to a file that contains the key that uniquely identifies your firm, and allows the LegalOffice integration software to connect to WillNotice.

Download the installer for LegalOffice integration, and install the software on the same server in your office that is used for LegalOffice. You should be logged into the server with administrator privileges to install and configure the software.

During the install, make a record of where the software is installed to (typically [Program Files]\WillNotice\LegalOffice\) as you will need this later.

Installation Folder for LegalOffice Integration

This will add a new service, named WillNotice-LegalOffice.

LegalOffice Service installed

To access the LegalOffice data, you will need to modify the connection details. To determine the connection details that LegalOffice uses, please contact LegalOffice.

You now need to go to the folder where WillNotice.LegalOffice service installed to, as noted previously. Open the connection.config file and compare the connection value to the one provided by LegalOffice.

WillNotice connection.config file location

The last step is to copy the key file to the same location where WillNotice.LegalOffice service is installed to.

With the key file now in place, and the service correctly installed and configured, you can start the service through Services.

The service will run on a daily schedule – this can be modified if needed.

The first time the service runs it may take awhile for any wills to appear in WillNotice, since the entire list of wills needs to be updated. Future updates take less time, as they only update any changes.

Controlling will details from within LegalOffice

Controlling will details from within LegalOffice

WillNotice requires a persons name to match against a death notice, and sometimes the way a will is recorded in LegalOffice doesn’t provide the persons name. If a will document is attached to a client with type of 'Individual', then the name of the person is used.

Client Maintenance for Individual Client



Will Document for Individual Client

In the case were a will document is attached to a client with type of  'Joint', then WillNotice will attempt to match the will document against the correct person, by comparing the name entered in the description against the names entered against the client.  If an exact match is found, then the will is added to WillNotice.  If any documents are found where the description doesn't match either of the names entered against the client, then the document is added to the 'Invalid documents' list on the WillNotice Dashboard.

Client Maintenance for Joint client

Will Document for Joint Client

For clients with other client types, such as Company or Trust, then WillNotice cannot determine the persons name. To provide the details that WillNotice needs, you can add an Other Party to the document, with a type of 'Testator'.

Please check with LegalOffice about the steps required to do this.

Occasionally, you may hold more than one will for the same client.  In this case, WillNotice only uploads the most recent will, based on the Will Date.